It has come to my attention that I am a terrible procrastinator, so I finally sat down and put together a little website.

Here you will find links to all my writing, a little bit about me, general updates about my current writing shenanigans and what you can expect in the near future. At the moment, pretty much all you’re going to hear about is the rest of the Out of Time series, because books 3 – 5 are scheduled for release within the next 12 months.

There will also be extra features, especially from the Out of Time series, because goodness knows I didn’t keep an orderly record of those timelines for nuthin! And missing scenes and random moments that didn’t fit into the books because I love the whole madcap band and if I could keep writing them indefinitely, I would.

And so, welcome to my site. Now you know what you’re letting yourself in for 🙂

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