Jacob Ofori

Born: 15th July 2000 in Kumasi, Ghana.

When Jacob was five years old, Jacob’s family emigrated to London, where several relatives were already living and working. He and his two siblings – an elder brother and younger sister – settled in quickly to the multicultural school in Seven Sisters.

By the time he was in his teens, Jacob was aware that he was gay, but was afraid of being rejected by his conservative family. To hide it, he had a brief relationship with his best friend, Nicola, which resulted in Luke, born when Jacob was barely sixteen years old.

Wanting to be a responsible father, he left college as soon as he was old enough to join the police force in order to earn a wage and provide for his son. Though they were no longer involved, he and Nicola remained firm friends.

When he was in his early twenties, he came out to his family. His parents and older brother rejected him completely, but his sister supported him, helping him out where she could. The estrangement continued for decades.

Meanwhile, Jacob worked his way up through the ranks in the police force. He remained with the Met until he was in his early thirties, when he met Rory. After a whirlwind romance, they moved to Manchester for Rory’s work and Jacob transferred into the Manchester Police Department.

After seven years together, Jacob’s workaholic tendencies wrecked the relationship which only meant Jacob threw himself more intently into his work. By the time he encountered the TRI, he was a well-respected Detective Inspector with a bad habit of working too hard and taking his cases home with him.