Short Stories

Man’s Best FriendA Walk on the Wild Side anthology (2016)

Sam Eastman lives a lonely existence in the mountains of Colorado, working as a ranger and taking care of holiday cabins during the winter.

When he adopts a new dog from the local rescue centre, he gets a lot more than he expected in the form of a young shapeshifter called Philip.

Available from Dreamspinner Press

TouchedHis Seed anthology (LAMBDA Literary Award LGBTQ Erotica Winner 2018)

Ithil had been an outsider in his village for as long as he could remember. He took no wife, fathered no children, no man in the eyes of those around him.

But when the Sintaker of the village dies and all falls to chaos, Ithil is the only one to hear the whispers for the spirit of the forest if he will only dare to respond.

Available from Lethe Press